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eRiveria organizes study workshops

Workshops are open to all students, so you do not need to sign in for these. See details below. 

Joensuu Päätalo classroom 140

  • Study workshop in room E-140 is open: Monday 9-15, Tuesday-Thursday 8-15 and Friday 8-14.
  • eRiveria student instructor Katri Mäkisalo, tel. 050 470 5840


  • Wednesday 8–14 computer classroom 2052
  • in study workshop student instructor Teemu Jumppanen, tel. 050 447 1221 and special education teacher Tero Mäkinen


  • Monday 8-12 classroom 4-101 or 3-201 and Tuesday 8-12 classroom 4-101.
  • Student instructor Sari Kansala tel. 050 407 0171 


  • Student instructor Sari Kansala’s (tel. 050 407 0171) study workshop is organized for different student groups on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Times and classrooms can be seen in students’ and Sari’s timetables.

Do you need support for your online studies?

Here you can see detailed information on dates and times of study workshops.

Students with a decision on special support may also contact the special needs teachers in their own unit.

eRiveria teachers also give instruction through Teams 

Contact your online teacher to arrange Teams instruction.