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Each of the studies has been designed to support the progression of the student. The tasks are composed with clear instructions and questions that encourage to independent thinking. There are tasks based on automatic assessment and the student gets immediate feedback, but there are also tasks which are assessed by the teacher. These tasks include written feedback. The studies are written and assessed by qualified teachers.  

It is effortless to study in eRiveria, because it is possible to study anywhere and anytime, even using your own mobile device. However, completing the studies requires functioning internet access and the ability to work independently. 

Notice that online studies in English are intended only for students taking an English-language vocational qualification.

When you click on the name of the course, you will be able to read the presentation text and move on to the actual course.

Communication and interaction competence

Communication and interaction in mother tongue, Finnish as a second language

This optional Finnish language course in allocated to students whose English skills are good but who have not studied Finnish before or whose skill level in Finnish is below B1.1. In the beginning of this course the teaching language is English. The Finnish language increases during the course bit by bit. Please note, that this online course consists of six sections and will be published in parts. Now published is section A, Some basic information of Finnish language.

Teacher in charge: Essi Puumalainen

Note! For now, the study is available only for Riveria students.

Communication and interaction in a foreign language, English

This study is one part of the Communication and Interaction Skills unit. The study consists of sections that deal with communication in English in various situations, in relation to everyday life, studies and working life. The materials and assignments are largely common to all fields, but in some tasks the students learn the terminology of their own field in more detail.

Teacher in charge: Mervi Timonen

Operating in a digital environment

Operating in a digital environment is part of Communication and interaction competence and it composes 2 competence points. You will learn about the use and operation of digital devices and the basic use of the most common applications as well as data security. You need a computer and Office 365 desktop applications.

Teacher in charge: Suvi Räty

Art and creative expression

Welcome to learn about art and creative expression!

Do you know what kind of different forms and meanings arts and cultures can include? Do you recognise them in your working life and free time? Can you put them to good use with your creativity?

These story based studies will open your eyes on the widespread effects of art through varied examples. You get to familiarise yourself with the latest scientific results on how art and culture can boost wellbeing. You also get to practice your own self expression and try out various types of creative writing. These studies include photos and links that you can explore based on your timetable and interest.

Teacher in charge: Hannele Hartikainen

Mathematics and science competence

Physical and chemical phenomena and their application

Welcome to learn more about the physics course! 

Do you know how to utilize or, if necessary, reduce the effect of friction in the work tasks of your field? Do you know how thermal phenomena affect the performance of your work tasks? Do you know the basics of electrical safety?

In this course, you will review key physics concepts and phenomena and understand their importance in the work tasks of your field.

Teacher in charge: Katja Kettunen

Welcome to learn more about the chemistry course! 

Do you know the hazard pictograms of chemicals? Can you consider the properties of the chemicals you need to work with and the potential environmental risks? Can you handle chemical substances in a way that does not endanger your own safety, the safety of others or the environment? 

In this course, you will review key chemistry concepts and learn about the safe use of chemicals in your own vocational field.

Teacher in charge: Katja Kettunen

Citizenship and working life competence


After studying these lessons and study materials, you  

  • know how to use the services of Finnish society.  
  • know how to actively participate and affect your everyday life in Finland.  
  • understand your rights and responsibilities as a citizen.  
  • recognize the basic principles of gender equality and parity.

Teacher in charge: Sirkku Ranta

Operating in the world of work

Welcome to learn about operating in the world of work! 

Working life is often a new and exiting thing especially for young people graduating to their new trade. These studies aim to support students in the transition from studies to working life. In addition to vocational competences, employees need information about their rights and responsibilities, workplace hazards and work community skills. You get to familirise yourself with laws and reagulations controlling working life as well as employment contracts. The emphasis is on the viewpoint of an employee but you will also learn to look at things work from the perspective of an employer. 

People who have already been in the working life longer, also need information. They particularly need information about the employment contracts, terms and conditions as well as salary in their new field. 

Teacher in charge: Sari Lehikoinen

Study and career planning

Study and career planning is an online course that helps you identify your strengths in the profession you have chosen to study for. You will also find out what inspires you in this profession and what kind of jobs or further education opportunities are available in this industry. In addition, you will consider the capabilities you already have and what are the skills you still should improve.

Teacher in charge: Coach teacher

Note! The study is available only for Riveria students.

Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activities

In this study:

  • Let’s get to know the concept of entrepreneurship. What is entrepreneurial activity as an employee? What is an entrepreneur like?
  • Let’s get to know what the company is like. What is the importance of companies in society?
  • An entrepreneurial way of thinking is practiced. What is a business idea and how is it created?
  • How do you get started if you want to start a business?

Teacher in charge: Jari Klemola

You will learn the concept of circular economy and business models. You will learn how to come up with a circular economy solution and evaluate its business opportunities. You understand the importance of the circular economy as the basis of business operations.

Teacher in charge: Jari Klemola

Maintaining ability to work and wellbeing at work

Welcome to learn about maintaining ability to work and wellbeing at work! 

Can you take care of your ability to work? Do you know what aspects of your future job might strain and stress you? These studies guide you to consider and maintain your ability to work as well sustain and support your physical, psychological and social wellbeing in your work environment. 

Are you able to set goals to your performance? Do you know how to design and execute an exercice plan based on your goals? These studies include a six week plan and execution period; the concrete results will help you to maintain your performance. 

We will discuss different parts of wellbeing and link them to your personal situation. The goal is for you to strive for the best possible performance in your future tasks. You will learn by doing and through stories. 

Teachers in charge: Mia Palviainen and Harri Lemmetyinen


Sustainable development covers all human activity and its relationship with the surrounding world. Sustainable development is an umbrella concept that includes ecological, social, cultural and economic aspects.

In a community that takes sustainable development into account in all of their activities, people and the environment prosper, and the financial basis of different areas of life remain balanced in the long run. Sustainable development is linked to studies, working life and free time.

These studies will demonstrate how sustainable development is an integral part of all areas of life.

Teacher in charge: Tuuli Ahonen

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