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Before starting any courses, it is advisable to familiarize with the instructions which are presented below.

  • It is easiest to find the studies on the eRiveria web site at 
  • You should be aware of which studies are included in your vocational qualification. You can check it in Wilma.
  • Always do the compulsory course prior to optional courses in the same subject. Otherwise you can study in the order you want to, unless otherwise instructed in the study.
  • Note that it is not necessary to complete a course, if you have an equivalent course done. You need to have a numerical grade of it. If you have competence, but not an assessed course credit, you may apply for a test where you show your competence. Ask your study counsellor for more details (in Riveria). Read more about recognition of prior learning in Riveria Student Guide (opiskelijan opas).
  • If you need help for choosing the right studies, consult your coach teacher, study advisor or other teachers. Your coach teacher should know which online studies you are doing.
  • If you are studying in some other educational institution than in Riveria, you can choose only those specific studies that are included in the agreement made between your institution and Riveria.
  • Click on the name of the course on eRiveria page Studies / Opinnot and after that click on the button Start your course / Aloita opinto. You will end up to login page. Logging in:
    • Riveria student:
      Moodle: student number + password (the same as in other systems in Riveria)
      A separate course key is needed only for course Opiskelu- ja urasuunnitteluvalmiudet – you will get it from your coach teacher.
      OPI: student + password (the same as in other systems in Riveria)
    • Students in other institutions: instructions for logging in are sent by e-mail
  • When you log in, you will be taken to the front page of the online course. Each course has Start your course here! / Aloita opinto tästä! -section. There you can find the most important instructions for e-learning (in Finnish), so go through this section carefully.
  • After the introductory section, you can start your actual study from part A. 
  • You need a computer or a tablet and functioning internet access. Some studies can be done with a smartphone.
  • It takes time to study online. If your daily school schedule does not include lessons for online studies, you need to make a schedule of your own. It is not possible to complete a course in a few hours. In order to complete one competence point (1 osp) requires approximately three full working days. Planning in advance is essential, especially if you do many online courses at the same time.
  • You can take online courses as long as you have the right to study at Riveria.
  • Students in other educational institutions should complete their studies always until the end of August. Agreements are made for each school year.  
  • Our studies are located in learning environment Opi ( Always go to your course via website.
  • Use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge or Safari as your web browser. Internet Explorer does not function reliably.
  • You can see examples of what the studies look like in the introductory videos of the studies (in Finnish).
  • You can complete your course from start to finish without any restrictions. Read the written feedback that your teacher has given to you. If you failed a task, do it again according to the feedback. You are always allowed to do the task again.
  • Our studies have a unified structure and they are easy to perceive and use. If you need help, each course includes instructions (pictorial instructions and videos) on how to proceed in different situations. 
  • The studies have been composed according to the national competence objectives of the qualification requirements. You can find the objectives and evaluation criteria in Aloita opinto -section in each course (in Finnish).
  • Some lessons may include learning tasks for practising. These tasks are meant to support your learning. The teacher will see what you have answered to these assignments, but these tasks are not assessed.
  • The principal for naming the tasks which will be assessed is: Tehtävä [letter] [number] and the name of the task, for example Tehtävä D3: Referaatin kirjoittaminen. You get points for automated tasks immediately. The tasks with text or recording which require teacher’s assessment will be evaluated in the order in which they have been returned.
  • Each task has a limit for passing. You have to reach this limit in order to have the task approved. An approved task is marked with green colour in Edistymisen seurantagrid. All the tasks must have a green mark before your whole course can be assessed.
  • When you have completed all your tasks follow and read your teacher’s assessment and feedback and complete your tasks if needed.
  • The assessment period is normally 2-3 weeks. Some exceptions may occur due to holidays and peak times, such as late spring. Please note that there is no possibility for urgent assessments.
  • Before your graduation, your online study assignments must be successfully completed and assessed five weeks before the estimated date of graduation.
  • Your grades can be found on Arvioinnit-page of the course, as well as in Wilma.
  • When the subject of a common unit has been assessed and the grade is in Wilma, it is possible to follow these procedures in eRiveria:
      • If the grade has been given through the recognition of prior learning, through classroom teaching or ”OHET” (supervised distance learning) in Riveria, it is possible to raise the grade by demonstrating better competence in eRiveria’s online courses (in this case contact the online teacher of the course) or ”Osos”-test (which means showing the competence with a special test, contact your student counsellor).
      • If the grade is based on your performance in an online course in eRiveria, it is possible to raise the grade in ”Osos”-test. In this case contact the online teacher of the course.
  • Notice that raising the grade is done at the level of subject units. Subject units are for example: compulsory ”Työelämässä toimiminen” 2 competence points and optional ”Työelämässä toimiminen” 3 competence points
  • Our chat-service operates (mainly in Finnish) between 9 am and 4 pm from Monday to Friday. 
  • You can contact teachers by email, phone or Wilma. Contact information can be found on the front page of each online course.
  • There are also study workshops available. See Support for online studies.
  • Students in customer vocational institutes are advised to contact their own study counsellor for information on support.