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eRiveria is an e-learning department in Riveria, A Vocational Training Consortium in North Karelia. eRiveria offers services for students, teachers and educational institutions.  

For students:

We offer a wide selection of common studies, instructed by competent teachers. Our studies have been planned by using everyday and working life stories. Through these stories students learn the skills and gain knowledge needed in their future professional careers. 

For teachers:

We enable your work in modern, digital e-learning environments. We also offer you a possibility to develop your professional skills and digital learning.

For educational institutions: 

We sell our high-quality common studies as a comprehensive e-learning service. Our studies are highly flexible, as they are designed for independent studying regardless of time and place. These flexible e-studies can be completed at the same time with on-the-job learning or other studies.  

Please note: our primary working language in eRiveria is Finnish.